With adult Coaches to guide them, FIRST® LEGO® League teams (up to 10 members) apply science, engineering, and math concepts, plus a big dose of imagination, to develop solutions to real-world challenges. They also design, build, and program LEGO MINDSTORMS®-based robots to perform autonomous “missions” on a playing field. Along the way, they develop critical thinking, team-building, and presentation skills.

Our members mentor each level from Jr LEGO through LEGO for third through eighth graders. Each of our LEGO teams is a part of our storm or our “Little Storms”. They are named “Surge”, “Thunderclouds”, “Tornadoes”, “Tsunami” and more. Since 2014, we have hosted a LEGO Coast Qualifier, called the Lighthouse Qualifier, and last year we added a second regional, Schooner. This year several of our FLL teams competed at our State Competition in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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