Pillow Case project

The Pillowcase Project prepares young students for emergency evacuations. We teach them ways to prepare to evacuate in any storm. We “wrote the book” on preparedness through our story “Gus Gets Ready”. Gus is our emergency mascot bear who teaches the students through his story of an approaching storm. Gus teaches them to prepare a pillowcase filled with personal supplies and explains why each one is needed. We also put a “Gus Bear” into our pillowcases. He is a comfort for young children who are undergoing overwhelming events or loss. This year we have added Disney to our pillowcase partnership. Disney will provide, along with the American Red Cross, the pillowcase and some supplies for the students.

Our Pillowcase Project traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana this year for the Red Stick Rumble, carrying with us 50 pillowcases filled with personal supplies for the victims of the August flooding. We also brought hundreds of school supplies and 50 backpacks for students who lost what they had. We have been where they are as Katrina is our history, but we hopefully provided for their needs and lessened their stress.

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