Team History


Team Tempest 1927

St. Patrick Catholic High School

Biloxi, Mississippi


FIRST Robotics Competition Team


Founding Year was 2005


In 2005, we began with 15 members

In 2009 we had 40 members

In 2012 we have 70 members


Hurricane Katrina i 2005, lead to our name and a basis for our future.  The closing of Mercy Cross High School to merge with St. John High School and become one school of St. Patrick Catholic High School in 2007.  Our team continues through the transition making its journey out of the storm.


Founding Leaders:

Mr. Don Huey 2005-2006

Mr. Roy Cloud 2005-present

Mrs. Debbie Worrel 2005-present

NASA Leaders:

Katie V. Wallace- Technical Liason and Engineer 2005-present

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